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Our Intitatives

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National Intelligence Estimate

Look into the future of threats with The Counterterrorism National Intelligence Estimate. The 2022 Counterterrorism National Intelligence Estimate Coming Soon!

Domestic Extremist Project 

The Domestic Extremist Project (DEP) is designated to address extremism in the United States. This project is comprised of a worldwide team of intelligence analysts, counterterrorism experts, academia, and other specialists dedicated to fighting extremism and terrorist organizations. Our team works to understand the extremist threats, tactics, and methods, individuals participating in terrorism, and develops and implements systems, strategies, plans, and solutions that detect and deter terrorist attacks in the United States.

Coming in the Summer of 2022!

Surface Audio
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Threat Intelligence Podcast

The Counterterrorism Group's Threat Intelligence Podcast is a weekly podcast about geopolitics and international security presented by Adam Stevens, a senior intelligence analyst from The Counterterrorism Group. Each week Adam takes a deep dive into fascinating stories that fundamentally impact our world yet often fly under the radar.

The Strategic Journal

The Strategic Journal is a project created by The Counterterrorism Group, intended to fill a gap between the intelligence community and those in the general public who cultivate a passion for matters of counterterrorism, intelligence, and international security. 

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