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Paladin 7 Group

Paladin 7

The Paladin 7 Group is a group of global risk & security consulting and training firms working to protect our clients from a wide range of threats. The Paladin 7 Group is focused on the protection of life and property and detecting, detering, investigating, mitigating, and defeating threats that our client may face. If you are in need of intelligence, security, threat detection, and counter-threat services focused on countering any active or possible threat please contact us and let us provide you with solutions that will give you peace of mind.

Monitoring Room

The Counterterrorism Group

The Counterterrorism Group (CTG) is a unit of the global intelligence, risk consulting, and security firm Paladin 7. CTG proactively searches for and analyzes the threat of terrorism that comes from International Terrorist Organizations, Domestic Terrorist Organizations, and Individuals determined to inflict terror upon societies, organizations, and individuals. Our international and national security professionals set up protective measures to detect, deter, prevent, discourage, and dissuade any terrorist organization or individual from carrying out an attack on organizations and individuals. We work to protect our clients from any terrorist threat or attack. We also work proactively with the proper authorities to find those in terrorist organizations and individuals who will cause harm and assist in bringing them to justice and mitigating the threat long-term.

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Counter Threat Center

Through our Counter Threat Center (CTC) we provide independent, truthful, non-politicized, objective, vetted analysis and intelligence that you can trust to stay informed on current evolving threats to help you detect, deter, and defeat any act of terrorism or other threat that could cause you, your organization, and your people harm.  COMING FALL 2022

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